Who We Are

Discover Aukoala Story

Our brand is originated from Australia since last century. We believe our brand will continuously deliver love and warmth to all fans of Aukoala as it pregnant from a love story widely spread out among Australians. Jack, World War I Australian Pilot, and Dace, his lover, young, beautiful and warm-hearted…

Where We Come From

Trace Aukoala Originality

Not only our brand registered in Australia, all material are purchased from Kimberly, Australia, where world’s finest Merino sheepskin from. We even used to design and manufacture each pair of Aukoala boots in Australian, but with the labor force cost increased, we move Aukoala plant to Asian countries.

What is Aukoala

Look into Aukoala

The name “Aukoala” is made of two parts: AU (short for AUSTRALIA) represents we are originally from Australia, and KOALA, the national animal that makes our country famous world widely. Look into Aukoala, we are work for bringing purely & the warmest Australian sheepskin footwear & products to all human society.

How We Start

World Makes Aukoala

When Aukoala didn’t come to us, Marksun (founder of Decksen Intl. Ltd.) was only a businessman trading raw sheepskin home and abroad. Move by Jack & Dace’s love story, he started a factory to making sheepskin boots thousands of pairs annually. Aukoala then come for the love of all native Australians to protect them from extreme coldness.

Why Aukoala

Worth Your Choice

1 Quality starts with the finest raw materials. Being located in Australia’s premier wool growing area gives us access to the best raw materials available. Founded last century, Aukoala is authentically Australian. Our products and marketing proudly promote our true heritage and distinctive lifestyle. Real sheepskin, real wool, real quality, with love and warmth.
2 “I have to say I really like the brand, those shoes are hard to come by in good quality & real in Ireland!” – Loved by Anouska, from Ireland.